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Step Sister
Private Build, Koa
Step Sister
Private Build,
The Step Sister platform offers a number of possible variations, to suit the widest variety of musical tastes and playing style, from the rawest rock to the most sophisticated jazz & fusion styles. Her look shall be appropriate for the player who chooses her.

Some players look for an elegant, even luxurious appearance, where the sheer beauty of the exotic woods is key. The Step Sister Koa model is designed for these players. She will offer the exceptional B&G tone and playability, but will also shine for the superior class wood selection and for some exclusive finishing touches.
The top is just extraordinary, made with a building technique we developed at B&G: the solid Maple blank is recessed to host a 2mm overlay in Hawaiian Koa, that `sinks` in the top, leaving just enough maple on the outer edges, for a natural binding effect. The solid headstock comes with a matching Koa overlay.

For not to shadow such beauty in the guitar`s wood selection, the Step Sister PB Koa is only available in natural Nitro finish.
As with all the Step Sister, she can be ordered with either P90, Kikbuckers or Humbuckers pickups. The proprietary brass hardware is either lacquered, to preserve its shine, or nickel-plated as per your choice.




Tipo: Latón sólido

Espesor del cuerpo:1.75" / 4.45cm

Largo del cuerpo: 17.2" / 43.7cm

Ancho del cuerpo: 13" / 33cm

Madera trasera: De una sola pieza Caoba africana

Madera de tapa: Koa & Maple


Cordal: B&G Solid Brass

Puente: B&G ABR de latón sólido

Golpeador: Latón

Clavijas: Gotoh

Cuerdas: Ernie Ball 0.10-0.46


Ancho de la cejuela: 1.68” / 42.8mm or 1.75" / 44.3mm by request

Cejuela: TUSQ

Ancho en traste : 0.89” / 22.6mm ( opción delgada: 0.86”/21.5 mm )

Ancho en traste 10: 0.98” / 24.9mm ( opción delgada: 0.95”/ 23.5 mm )

Longitud de escala: 24 3/4”

Radio de diapasón: 12”

Unión del mástil: Traste 14

Trasteado: 22

Madera del mástil: Caoba hondureña

Diapasón: Pau Ferro

Trastes: Ancho: 0,080"; corona: 0,050"

Incrustación: Color perla

Forma del mástil:
B&G V suave
B&G V suave
 / Custom

Alma: Tradicional y rosca de un solo sentido

Pala: Solid, Koa veneer


Pastillas: P90s/Humbuckers/ Kikbuckers The Kikbuckers is a new design by B&G co-founder Yotam (Kiki) Goldshtein. This design delivers a sound character of singles, but with hum cancellation. all hand-wound by B&G 50’s style, unpotted by default or wax-potted by request.

Potenciómetros: CTS 500k

Switch de pastillas: Switchcraft 3-way


Cuerdas: 50's Style


Largo Total: 7.7 - 8.8 lbs / 3500-4000 gr


Largo Total: 38.9" / 987mm


Tipo: Nitrocellulose Natural

Información para pedido

Coste: $5390
Envío express a su casa y estuche rígido incluido.
Construimos Little Sisters zurdas sin costo adicional.
Términos de pago: US$ 790, y el resto se paga cuando la guitarra entra en la etapa final.
A pagar por transferencia bancaria / depósito directo (sin cargo) o tarjeta de crédito (cargo de 3 %).

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European Union : VAT
Suiza: VAT
Canada : GST + PST
Australia : 5% Duty + GST
Sudáfrica: VAT
Japón: impuestos al consumo

Plazo de entrega estimado: March-April 2019