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Little Sister
Private Build, Cedar of Lebanon
Little Sister
Private Build,   
   Cedar of Lebanon
The Little Sister with the most acoustic-like tonal quality. We picked up an exclusive selection of old-growth Cedar of Lebanon top, that once bonded with the original chambered Mahogany body of the Little Sister, delivered a unique blend of sweetness, warmth, and delicacy.

All the core elements of the guitar stay true to the original design. The African Mahogany for the one-piece body, Honduran Mahogany for the one-piece neck, Pau Ferro for the fingerboard. The Cedar of Lebanon top adds a rich character, with a clearly detailed fundamental, further defined by a waterfall of harmonics irradiating from the guitar. The Little Sister COL tone is somehow reminiscent of the typical sweetness of a classical guitar, with its clean and uncompressed attack, and unparalleled touch sensitivity. Definitively the most delicate sounding Little Sister, with a lush, blossoming development of each note.
The Little Sister COL offers a unique control layout with two Volume controls and a Master Tone control. This arrangement allows for infinite shades of blending between the two pickups, for the player to find his own voice, as well as to ‘solo' each pickup. The vintage 50's wiring preserves the clarity of the tone. We liked this control layout so much to offer it as an option on all the Little Sisters.

The LS COL looks as unique as it sounds. She is treated with a natural aniline dye, and finished with hand-rubbed shellac coating, for the thinnest, lightest and most resonant paint job possible. Also, the brass hardware is unlacquered and pre-oxidized, for a unique, tasteful patina and an unmistakable vintage feel.




Espesor del cuerpo:
Cutaway: 1.75" / 4.45cm
Sin-Cutaway: 1.96" / 5cm

Largo del cuerpo: 17.7" / 45cm

Ancho del cuerpo: 13" / 33cm

Madera trasera: De una sola pieza Caoba africana

Madera de tapa: Cedar of Lebanon


Cordal: Solid Brass B&G, Oxidized

Puente: B&G Solid Brass ABR, Oxidized

B&G Delta Tuners
B&G Delta Tuners

Cuerdas: Ernie Ball 0.10-0.46


Ancho de la cejuela: 1.68” / 42.8mm or 1.75" / 44.3mm by request

Cejuela: TUSQ

Ancho en traste : 0.89” / 22.6mm ( opción delgada: 0.86”/21.5 mm )

Ancho en traste 10: 0.96” / 24.3mm ( opción delgada: 0.91”/ 23.2 mm )

Longitud de escala: 24 3/4”

Radio de diapasón: 12”

Unión del mástil: Traste 14

Madera del mástil: Caoba hondureña

Diapasón: Pau-Ferro

Trastes: Ancho: 0,080"; corona: 0,050"

Incrustación: Color perla

Forma del mástil:
B&G V suave
B&G V suave
 / Custom

Alma: Tradicional y rosca de un solo sentido

Pala: Clavijero calado


Pastillas: P90s or Kikbuckers

Potenciómetros: 3 x CTS 500k

Jack: Switchcraft

Cuerdas: 50's Style, Volume/Volume/Tone


Sin-Cutaway: 7.5 - 8.6 lbs / 3400-3900 gr

Cutaway: 6.6 - 7.7 lbs / 3000-3500 gr


Largo Total: 37.52" / 953mm


Tipo: Antique Aniline Dye, Shellac Coating

Información para pedido

Coste: $3750
Envío express a su casa y estuche rígido incluido.
Construimos Little Sisters zurdas sin costo adicional.
Términos de pago: US$ 790, y el resto se paga cuando la guitarra entra en la etapa final.
A pagar por transferencia bancaria / depósito directo (sin cargo) o tarjeta de crédito (cargo de 3 %).

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Plazo de entrega estimado: March-April 2019